Code of conduct


1.   This Code of Conduct for Members supplements the Club’s Constitution which is contained within the Handbook. In the event of any conflict between the provisions of this Code of Conduct and the Constitution, the provisions of the Constitution shall prevail. The Club will from time to time adopt other forms of “Code of Conduct” covering cricket playing matters and child welfare matters and these will be separately designated and branded for distinction. In the event of any conflict between the provisions of such other Codes of Conduct and this Code of Conduct for Members, the provisions of such other Codes of Conduct shall prevail.

2.   All Members are subject to this Code of Conduct for Members and other such Codes of Conduct and, by joining the Club, each new Member agrees to abide by them.

Club and Bar Hours

3.   The Bar shall be open for the sale of alcoholic drinks from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm on Mondays to Thursdays inclusive, from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm on Fridays, from 12:00 noon to 11:00 pm on Saturdays and 12:00 noon to 10:30 pm on Sundays.

4.   Exceptions to this are Bank Holidays and Religious Festivals where the hours are subject to alteration.

5.   Bar opening hours shall be displayed on the Club’s Notice Board.

6.   There shall be 20 minutes drinking up time after the Bar closes.


7.   On election to Membership and on receipt of the appropriate subscription, the Member shall beenrolled in the Club Register which shall be proof of membership and which shall be open to inspection by Members of the club.

8.   A copy of the Club Register shall be displayed on the Club’s Notice Board.

9.   Spouses and Partners of Members and their children (under the age of 18 years) will be entitled to use the Club’s facilities. Only Members will have voting rights.

10.   A separate category of membership is available for Members’ children aged 18 to 21 years inclusive who are in full time education and residing at the same address as their parents outside of normal term time. Members’ children who have attained the age of 18 years, who are not such Members, will only be admitted to the Club as guests, and under the conditions for admittance of guests.

11.   Paid up Members will be issued with an activated swipe card (otherwise known as a Membership Card) which can be used to obtain refreshments at a discount to that available to non-Members. The Club reserves the right to change the Membership Card at the beginning of each membership year and to issue Members with a new card in exchange for the old card, or to continue with the existing card.

12.   Spouses and partners of Members will have the opportunity to purchase their own Membership Card at a price that will be displayed on the Club’s Notice Board, which can be used to obtain refreshments at a discount to that available to non-Members, but such spouses and partners will not become Members, unless they join as Members in their own right.

13.   If a Member fails to pay his / her subscriptions by 31 January in any year, his / her Membership Card/s will be deactivated. Payment of an additional Membership Card fee will not be accepted unless the appropriate subscription has been paid.

14.   Bar staff will be temporary Members on those occasions when they are on duty. They will be permitted to introduce one guest on those occasions, under the conditions for admittance of guests, but will not be issued with Membership Cards. This rule is particularly provided to allow for occasions where the member of staff requires transport home after completing duty.

15.   Bar staff will be entitled to the facilities of membership on all occasions when they are on duty, but will not be entitled to vote at meetings unless they become a Member in their own right.

16.   Membership Cards are non-transferable and abuse of the system may lead to disciplinary action. Membership Cards may not be deposited behind the Bar.

Visiting Teams

17.   Visiting teams and teams making use of the playing facilities for friendly or competitive games and their supporters shall be deemed temporary Members for the day of their visit but will not be issued with Membership Cards.


18.   A Member may introduce friends / colleagues as his / her guest/s but the Member so introducing them shall sign their name/s in the Visitors’ Book. Visitors may purchase drinks at the Club’s Bar and may use the Member’s Membership Card to do so. A non-Member may only be admitted as a guest on a maximum of five occasions per calendar year, unless special permission is obtained from the Committee. A Member may introduce a maximum of four guests on each occasion unless prior arrangements have been made with the Chairman of the Social Committee.

19.   Members of an organised group may use the Bar facilities on a particular day with the prior consent of the Chairman of the Social Committee and at a subscription price fixed by the Committee. They will be deemed to be temporary Members for the day of their visit, but will not be issued with Membership Cards.

20.   Only Members and bona fide guests shall attend the Club’s social functions.

Dress Code

21.   Persons entering the Club are expected to have a reasonable standard of dress. Dirty clothing / boots are not considered acceptable.

Bar and Kitchen Areas

22.   Only authorised personnel are allowed in the bar and kitchen areas. Authorised personnel includes Bar / Kitchen staff and members of Committees engaged in official Club business and playing captains, vice captains and coaches participating in Club matches and practices.

23.   In the event that the Clubhouse is busy and a member of Bar Staff on duty is of the opinion that some temporary assistance behind the bar or in the kitchen is required to serve Members and their guests during that busy period, then, by invitation of such member of Bar Staff, a Member may enter the restricted area and assist the Bar Staff in accordance with their instructions. In performing the role of temporary Bar Staff, such Member will be deemed to be authorised personnel under paragraph 22 above. The Chairman of the Bar and House Sub-Committee, together with the Head Barman, will from time to time provide suitable training to Members who are likely to be asked from time to time to serve behind the bar / from the kitchen.

Gambling Machines

24.   Gambling Machines are not to be played by anyone less than 18 years of age. A gambling machine is defined as one which pays winnings.

Pool Table

25.   Members and guests are not allowed to reserve multiple games. Members are responsible for the close supervision of their children’s behaviour at the pool table.

Mobile Phones

26.   Members are asked to exercise discretion when using mobile telephones. It is preferable if all mobile phones are turned to silent / vibrate mode and no noisy conversations to be made within the clubhouse.


27.   The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to Members’ property however caused. Members are asked to report any suspicious behaviour or unattended packages to Club officials. Members should keep their personal belongings with them at all times and not leave valuables unattended.

Club Hire

28.   Only Members will be allowed to hire the clubhouse during the hours that the Bar is open and then only with the consent of the Secretary, to whom a formal application should be addressed in the application form provided from time to time. A refundable deposit in the amount determined by the Committee from time to time will be required to cover any breakages and damage. Hiring of the clubhouse outside those hours when the Bar is open must also requested by a formal application addressed to the Secretary, in the form provided from time to time. Such hiring is also subject to Committee approval but application is not limited to Members only.

29.   When the clubhouse is hired for a function during the hours when the Bar is open, it shall also be available for Members’ use, but in utilising the clubhouse areas on such occasions, Members shall respect the private nature of the hiring so far as is reasonably possible. A Member or their guest shall not, under any circumstances, help himself / herself to food or other refreshments provided by the function host, unless the function host gives the Member or their guest unsolicited permission to do so at or prior to the function itself.

30.   The Social Committee will put on functions from time to time which will be advised to Members by means of notices on the Club’s Notice Board and / or on the Club’s website and / or by inclusion in the Club Handbook / Fixture Booklet and / or by newsletter. There will be occasions where the clubhouse will be open only to those attending the function and these will be advised accordingly.


31.   Members who bring dogs into the clubhouse are respectfully reminded to keep them under control.


32.   Bad behaviour or the use of foul or abusive language will not be tolerated. Persons not adhering to this will be subject to disciplinary action.

33.   Members are responsible for the behaviour of their children and any guests that they have introduced. Children must not be permitted to run around the clubhouse or to occupy stools at the Bar.

34.   A meeting of the Disciplinary Committee will be held if a written complaint is received. The findings of the meeting will be conveyed in writing to the offending person(s) by the Secretary.

35.   The Disciplinary Committee comprises a minimum of two members of the Committee (appropriately chosen for the incident concerned). The Committee can impose any penalty it sees fit including the ultimate sanction of revoking Membership or permanently banning a spouse, partner, child or guest of a Member.

36.   An appeal can be lodged against the findings of the Disciplinary Committee. A written request must be submitted and an Appeals Committee will be formed comprising a minimum of two Members of the Committee (different from the original Disciplinary Committee). The Appeal Committee will hear the appeal and their judgement will be final, which will be conveyed in writing to the offending person(s) by the Secretary.

Payment for Drinks / Food

37.   Items ordered at the Bar shall be paid for at the time of purchase. Unless special arrangements have been made with the Bar Manager, there shall be no ‘Bar Tabs’ permitted.

38.   Cheques may be cashed at the Bar by Members. Bar staff have authority to refuse to cash cheques if insufficient cash is in the till and may request to see cheque guarantee cards. Cheques will not be cashed above £50. Company cheques will not be cashed unless by prior arrangement has been made with the Bar Manager.

By order of the Management Committee
29 November 2005