Basics of the Stratford-upon-Avon Junior Players Championship 2014:

The Stratford-upon-Avon Juniors Players Championship is open to all players in the u13s through to the u17s for the 2014 season.

JUST £25 to sponsor a player for the season. (£20 for Club Members)

Points are earned for all aspects of the game as below with a prize at end of season for best Batsman, best Bowler & best All Rounder. (Only league games qualify).  Total points will be divided by the total number of league games played during the season and the prizes will go to the players with the highest average scores.  Players need to have played a minimum of 3 games to qualify.

Batting Championship.

1 point per run scored

10 bonus points for a 50

25 bonus points for a 100

10 bonus points for a not out.

Bowling Chamionship

20 points for Unassisted wickets (Bowled or LBW)

10 points for assisted wickets (Caught or stumped)

10 bonus points for 3 wicket Hauls

20 bonus points for 5 wicket Hauls

All Rounder Championship

1 point per run Scored Batting

10 points per wicket taken bowling

10 points per catch/stumping

5 points per run out (no assists this year)

Please email sponsors details to clearly stating the players name and age group.