You may well have heard that the ECB has issued a directive that all recreational cricket, training and coaching is to be suspended until further notice. We are anticipating some guidance from both of the
leagues in which we compete.

Whilst this is a great shame it was what we expected and pales into insignificance against the crisis that is facing us all.

It is not possible to guess just when and if we will be able to play or watch cricket this summer but we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you advised.

Of course, we are approaching the time for renewing annual subscriptions. Whilst we may not be allowed to engage in our summer sport for the time being, some overheads cannot be avoided by either us or the sports club and of course, the grass continues to grow.

I will be sitting down with the Committee (virtually speaking!) to review existing budget planning for the season. We will be assessing discretionary expenditure against costs we can defer or cancel. What is clear is that with reduced income from sponsorship, match fees and social events, we will be reliant on membership subscriptions, the single most important income stream for the Club.

I very much hope that you will renew your membership if you can and play your part in ensuring that we have a strong and healthy club ready to resume the sport we love when we emerge from the Covid19 pandemic.

I do appreciate that some of you may be affected more than others by the current crisis. We are a club brought together by a shared love of cricket and we are, and should be, a close community ready to help each other. If anyone connected with the club wishes to share any worries or other issues, please do not hesitate to make contact.

Every best wish

Nick Abell
Chairman Stratford CC